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Patrice Langlois : tuba, compositions, arrangements

Youen Paranthoën : accordéon

Florian Juillard : bagpipe, bombard

Glenn Le Merdy : percussions

Martin Chapron : banjo


Menace d'éclaircie is a rock band formed in 2008. After dreaming of playing as an original fanfare, the band reoriented itself, because of its instrumentarium and compositions, towards authentic creations.
Five guys, wearing leather jackets and playing timeless instruments, create an unheard-of rock music. It’s a culture shock that can fast-track a creation to the rank of a classic.
Keeping people in tune through surprise, seizing the moment, such is their motto. These five outstanding musicians know how to inhabit the street sharing their happiness.

Their first show: “Musiciens gros et detail” (Retail and in bulk musicians) was created in 2009. Florian Julliard and Patrice Langlois have created a second show since 2011: “Salut, moi c’est Steeve” (Hi ! I’m Steeve) .


SHOW (1h30)

Imagine five brothers growing up on a desert island, with no radio, unaware of the top 50 charts. One day, they discover their grandparents’ instruments and decide to form a rock’n’roll band.
“Menace d’éclaircie” specialized in rearranged waltzes, Celtic boogie and tangoes from the Vosges ... They have a timeless and sweet musical energy.
According to their mother, it’s impossible not to recognize them: “Steve (tuba) is the one the others listen to, especially when he is quiet. Steve (percussions) is the tall one. Steve (Marshall Accordion) is the free spirit. Steve (banjo) is my personal favorite. Steve (Breton bagpipes, bombarde) is the youngest, he was a quiet baby and still is a very discreet person”
The street, with its parades and carnivals is the perfect playground for “Menace d’éclaircie”. The band has always taken pleasure in following the public from one place to another, providing them with personal shows, creating gatherings and performing unexpectedly in public spaces

Custom-built shows
Their mission is to create artistic happenings. Far from the classic musicomedies, they swear by the street as a place to perform.
If you’d like to surprise and seize the moment “Menace d’éclaircie” is what you need. They’ll turn any bar in a festival into a vintage nightclub. They can also bring the party to any official opening.
All you need is to call, to exchange a few emails and ideas and why not show them the place so that together you can easily build their performance! Feel free to call! .



Street theatre, music and performances festivals : Arts des villes Arts des champs, Avis de temps forts , Les Rias, Christmas market in Pont Scorff, Clarinet Festival in Glomel, Aurillac Festival, Le Cornouaille, Interceltic Festival in Lorient, Les mardis de Quiberon, Domaine de Trévarez, Festival de Kleg, Trophée Ronsed-Mor, la fête du chien Gécélard, le Printemps dans les Abers, les Mardi de Morgat, Les pieds dans la vase,100th anniversary of Quimper’s tourist information center, Ste Marine, Corbeille Essone, Les Noels Enchanteurs, Cassel Cornemuse, Parthenay, Manoir de Kernault, La Bogue D'or, le printemps de Chateauneuf, Le Kan ar Bobl, La fête des voisins Chantepie, La fete de la coquille, La St Loup...



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