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Erwan Menguy : Wooden Flûte, Whistle                                                 

Erwan Bérenguer : Guitar



Show's duration : 1h30 

Another album of Irish music performed by Bretons? ... False ! complementarity, research and creation are the only motivations for these two exceptional musicians ...

There is no question of making clovers in the moss that is served. The Irish repertoire is not here reduced to its only seductive force. On the contrary, the accompaniments of the melodies are refined, the ornamentation is carefully adapted.

They both channel their energy as if to keep alive the reminiscences of a crazy dance well beyond the clichés agreed.


A rich and inspired interior trip that is not without contrast thanks to the "over-exposure" and "over-printing" of which the duet is played.



"Two Erwans here, Erwan Menguy on wooden flute and Erwan Berenguer on guitar and cittern. The duo is from Western Fance and the album was recorded in Brittany at the Kerguestenen studios; it is a mixture of Irish traditional tunes, a few new compositions and some Breton tunes. Eclectic!

The album begins with a guitar introduction, rock solid chords and fills building the tension for the flute to offer up the melody of The Forgotten Jig, a composition by Menguy. It's obvious from the first few notes this is extraordinary flute playing, with fluttering breathy trills and moments of passing nyah, the tune moves into John Kelly's and closes on Adenza's Storm, jazzy in places, echoes of Brian Finnegan and Mike McGoldrick, modern masters; Erwan Menguy can hold his own with either of them.

De Mina feels Arabic, a pure-flute solo, a call from a Minaret, when the guitar joins the geography ships to the Balkans; this is the longest most complex selection here running at over 7 minutes. They come back home to Brittany on A Greiz Galon opening on single picked notes on the guitar before the customary hypnotic Breton dance takes us away on circling swirling Fest noz.

They begin Joe Coleys (a typo for Joe Cooley's reel) all laid back and languid before picking up the pace on the Morning Dew and The Hut in the Bog. Erwan Menguy has the technique to find other dimensions in these tunes, moments of variation flicker by like the shadow of a moth in streetlight. They can do the slow and emotive too, Melodie Feon has a very continental feeling to it; the backing is sparse allowing the flute to climb at will into the upper register. The album closes with an Irish slow air Cailin Na Griaige Baine, an emotional ending to a very fine album indeed. If you are a flute player this is one for your collection, it will challenge you on so many (good) levels."

Sean Laffey, Irish Music Mag


"Menguy plays the flute and low whistle, Bérenguer the guitar. Both have Erwan as a forename. They are from Brittany and have been playing in a variety of Breton dance bands for quite a number of years. When they play together, however, they share their love of Irish traditional and composed music and that’s what we hear here.

Many of the recordings in recent years of Irish dance music featuring flute and guitar have sought to include as much of the players’ breathing sounds as possible whilst the guitarist with his instrument tuned to one or other of the open tunings provides a backing that is percussive as much as tuneful. There is no doubt that these approaches produce an exciting driven sound. This album reminds us that there can be a different approach.

The flute player uses many techniques to sustain interest in his playing, clipping a series of notes to give a staccato effect, using vibrato and generally trying to bring emphasis to the beauty of the tunes that he is playing. A relaxed pace throughout is an aid to this. The guitarist also varies his approach but basically sees his role as a harmonic one though at times he will echo the flute’s melody line with single stringing.

Varying the dance tunes with well-chosen slow airs and thoughtful programming with occasional double-tracking makes this interesting and enjoyable listening." Vic Smith, fRoots




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